The Zapatisas, or the EZLN (Zapatista Army of National Liberation) was a group in Chipas, Mexico started in 1994. Since 1994 they have been in a state of nonviolent warfare against the "state of Mexico" and the military and there incursion of their territory. The group is led by Moreles, a leader in the 1910 Mexican Revolution. The group supports women's rights and the rights of indigenous people. They protest in armies made up of women, children and men with makeshift weapons and uniforms. The group's original foucus was to gain support and start a revolution against NAFTA. However, this large revolution didn't happen the way they would have liked. Instead, the Zapatistas continue to fight against NAFTA (Meade 127).

The Zapatistas realize the detrimental effects NAFTA on Mexico and other Latin American countries. The Zapatistas went public on the same day that NAFTA was came into effect( Meade 127). NAFTA allows the U.S. to subsidize certain goods for trade. In turn, this means that it is more expensive to buy Mexican goods and cheaper to buy U.S. goods. This has and continues to ruin Mexico's economy and makes them dependent on U.S. products. The U.S. is essentially keeping Mexico at a neocolonial level: they are politically free, but not economically free.