Toussaint L'Overture was a significant person in Latin American history due to his leading the Haitian Revolution that brought about the inidependence of the former French Colony. The people of Haiti fought for many years to gain independence from colonization. They hoped to form their own ways of life and reap the benefits of their labor. Toussaint L'Overture, though he himself was an educated man, was the first in Latin America's history to lead a sucessful slave revolt that ended in liberation. This distinguisished the Haitian Revolution from other slave revolts, which were often disorganized, outnumbered, or lacking technology to win against the authority. But soon after, Nepoleon took over the area. So this is an example of a country who did't necessarily benefit from independence because of structural and natural problems. They have been struggling ever since because of natural disastors, but originaly they had no actual government system so the slaves could not keep power. A main reason in current day Haiti is the struggle is due to the nature that continues to beat on the country and poeple. These floods and hurricanes kills thousands every year as well as take money to rebuild and take care of the costs of damages. Other things that affect and keep Haiti from being prosperous is lack of resources due to soil erosion and desertification.
Haiti -2

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