Proposed Rubric:

Overall Essay: 100pts

• How well the essay answered the prompt – 80pts

• Accuracy of the information – 30pts

• Significance – 50pts

• Cohesive flow – 15pts

• Within each section – 10pts

• As a whole – 5pts

• Grammar and Spelling – 5pts

- Personal Contribution: 100pts

• Meaningful Contribution – 95pts

• Accuracy (of information or style) – 35pts

• Relevancy – 60pts

• Grammar and Spelling (your own or correcting s/o else’s) – 5pts

- Rachel Dicke

- Julie suggests the following revisions to the rubric:

Total grade: 200pts

- Class end-product:100pts

• Well written (flow, logical development of ideas, organization, thesis w/main points formatting) 30pts

• Accurate information (are the facts credible?)– 20pts

• Significance (showing why it is important, connecting larger themes in world history, political thought, feminist criticism ,etc) – 40pts

• Grammar and Spelling – 10pts

- Personal Contribution: 100pts

• Meaningful contribution (Bringing up a new topic or a new angle that deepens the significance of that section of the essay) 80pts

Show effort in editting for accurate info, grammar, spelling, flow. (not everyone is an expert on grammar, but everyone can do some editof the ting in some way that improves the whole product) 20pts

Each person should try to write one paragraph or heavily revise a section or two. There are 35 people in the class. Do 1/35th of the work.


Final Product: 100 pts.

Personal Contribution:

       coherency: 10
       relevance of the material: 10
       propper use of the English Language: 10
       use of supporting material: 10
       style: 10
       stating a reasonable claim: 10
       doing a reasonable ammount of work: 10
       related to course material: 10
       making broader connections: 10

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