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Two people discussed in the Revolution chapter of our textbook who had a big impact on who and what was considered an ideal Latin American during this time period were Juan and Eva Perón.  The concept of Peronism was based off of these two influential figures in Latin American history.

Juan Perón collected a strong following beginning during his time as Secretary of Labor of Argentina.  In 1946, he was elected president.  He worked to unionize the country's industrial workforce and raged against the traditional landowning oligarchy, placing him in a position of favor with the country's majority industrial working class who had been neglected for so long by those in positions of power. 

His wife, known affectionately as Evita, was also known as a leader.  She helped grant Argentine women the right to vote and was a strong supporter of equal pay for equal work.  However, even a woman who did so much for so many believed that the proper place for a woman was in the house.  She supported women's right to vote, but did not advocate for their right to work equally alongside men.

Together, they redefined what it meant to be the ideal Latin American during this time period.  For arguably the first time, the ideal Latin American was not one from the highest of the classes; it was not an oligarch, who worked for nothing and ended up with everything.  It was the poor; those who worked as much as their bodies would allow and sometimes more just to end up with a little bit of something.  To these people, they were heroes.

However, due to Evita's ardent support of a woman's place in the household, the image of the ideal Latin American woman changed only slightly.  This metaphoric woman now had the right to vote, and the duty to take advantage of this right, but that did not mean that she should try to venture into industries in which women did not belong.  Likely, these industries included fields such as politics and business administration or management.  These jobs belonged to the men.  The men who worked as hard as they possibly could to provide for their families, but the men nonetheless. 
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The concepts of these ideal Latin Americans is what the Peróns left behind.

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