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A monocultivated field

A monoculture is a market dominated by the production of a single resource. There are many pros and cons to a monoculture economy. Production costs tend to be cheaper in monocultures as they do not require a broad set of tools, herbicides, and other equipment as the production of a more diverse crop/resource would to yield the same amount. However, these monocultures are extremely unstable.

Plant diseases, weather, and pest populations can easily destroy an entire harvest which in turn can devistate an entire economy, where planting multiple crops proves more resiliant. Monocultures also tend to have more negative effect on soil conditions over time. Also, for non-crop monocultures, the raw material eventually runs out and new mining sites need to be discovered. After a monoculture fails or hits its peak, it typically leaves that community (environment, people, infrastructure, etc.) irreparably damaged and left in the aftermath, being sacrificed in the name of the monoculture.

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