The Middle Class

It is generally thought that revolutions are a struggle by the impoverished masses against their wealthy overlords (i.e. lower vs upper class). However, it is the middle class that tends to wage the revolutions. With means, education, and motive they are by far the most capable for the job. A perfect example of this tendancy would be the Plan De Ayala. It was written by the literate middle-class specifically to the upper-class. The literature in this document is not simple, but rather artful. Writing such documents are crucial to staging a globally acceptable and legitimate revolution. They prove that the struggle is not waged by barbarians agains civilized society, but rather the abused, yet civilized masses against barbaric oppressors. Such words are also a valuable tool for inciting the masses to take up arms and are often used for exactly this purpose. Not only does the middle class assist those in need of a revolution, but it is necessary in order to have a revolution. Without a middle class, the poor would have nothing to compare their situation to. The presence of a middle class makes the poor believe that they could have a better life. Therefore, they rely on the middle class for some sort of ideology.

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