La Virgen de Guadalupe was one of the most noticeable fabrications of transculturation because of her previous appearance on a sight sacred to the Aztecs. [1]Virgen de Guadalupe complexion differentiation. (left - darker)Added by Mmj7163Although the Virgin of Guadalupe is a saint brought over by the Europeans, she is sometimes depicted with a darker complexion. This darker coloration drew a similarity among the indigenous to their earth goddess, Tonantzin. Therefore, the Nahuatl-speaking Mexicans began to relate to the European religion which made implementing Christianity with Spanish rule easier.

Colonization was a social, cultural, and psychological change that all Latin Americans had to endure through transculturation. Yet, transculturation was not only a blessing to Latin Americans and the European rulers, it was also a curse. Since transculturation and hegemony went hand in hand, bringing the rise of social patriachy about as a result, then social heiarchy was destined to follow. Transculturation doesn't necessarily involve the mixing of races, but it was very prominent in Latin America's history. The predominant social ladder consisted of Europeans at the top, Indigenous in the middle, and the Africans at the bottom, but the hybridization of races added more social classes to the three-rung ladder. The emergence of  creoles, peninsulares, and mestizos brought forth a lot of social pressure for all classes because interaction between classes was the cause of racial mixing, and would be the collapse of inequality and the caste system in Latin America. 

By the 1800s many colonial rebellions all across Latin America were materializing due to the rising tensions of the pressure put on the colonial heiarchy. Consequently the fight for independence begins to take its place.

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