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This is the Hist140 Wikia!Edit

The ultimate source for a semester's worth of knowledge instilled in the minds of Dr. Marc Becker's Latin American History classes.

How to use this wikia....Edit

Many pages from past classes are archived in the Navigation menu as well as the front page of the Wikia. Please browse through the student submitted information and feel free to contribute to specific articles to better facilitate your learning experience through studies in Latin American History. These articles will serve as guidelines if you intend on participating in the History 140 Wikia in any facet

Please enjoy all our hard work 

Fall 2012 Latin American HistoryEdit

see main article: Fall 2012

Spring 2012 Latin American HistoryEdit

see main article: 2012 Latin American History

Fall 2010 Latin American HistoryEdit

see main article: 2010 Archive

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