Feminicide is the misogynous murder of women by men simply because they are women. The phenomenon of female homicide has been seen throughout Latin America, but the most famous cases are found in Juarez, Mexico, where the violent deaths of hundreds of women and girls have occurred since 1993. This also included being raped, tortured, and mutilated. The estimated number of deaths in Juarez since 1993 due to feminicide is more than 370. These deaths represent gender oppression and are a manifestation of gender inequality. Most of the women targeted are young, dark skinned, slender and hold positions in society with little or no power. Many of the victims are factory workers who are working and living away from family and friends to help support their families, or young mothers who migrate to the region seeking employment. They become easy targets because they are seperated from their family. These conditions make the women vulverable to attacks because they do not have a support system that would notice their disappearence. While these women are breaking the marianismo tradition of working outside the house, machismo also comes into play, since the men are torturing and killing women as a power statement.

The feminicide in Mexico has received the majority of its attention due to the government's lack of action toward the matter. The term Feminicide not only holds male perpetrators responsible, but also state and judicial legislatures that allow misogyny to be normalized. This indicates that allowing sexism to happen is just as bad as committing the murders, because it sends the message that gender hate crimes are tolerable. Feminicide is a result of the lack of state guarantees to protect the rights of women.

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